Feb 23, 2013

Chapter 5 shipwreck - bye bye Madeleine, hello Celia!

Chapter 5 has been causing a lot of problems over the last few days. And it's still unwritten, although the content is quite clear, it's the chapter where we get to meet the villain of the piece, Colonel Ivan Kaiec for the first time.
This shouldn't be a problem, I've already written about him in one of my short stories ('Good Stuff - Colonel Ivan Kaiec') so I know what he's like.

But the difficulty has been that logically this chapter should have been told in the first person and I suddenly realised that I was increasingly uncomfortable about mixing first person narrative (chapter 1 and 2) with 3rd person narrative (the rest).

So,  finally I decided to go for everything being 3rd person narrative. This means that I decided to rework the first two chapters so that they are consistent with the other chapters. You may like to look at them again to see what you think.

Oh yes! And I hope nobody is going to be upset about this, but after various discussions with creative associates I've changed Madeleine's name to Celia. Slightly regretfully, I must admit, but it avoids slightly annoying abbreviations like  'Maddie' and - overall - I think the new name will lead to a successful conclusion of this project. 

Anyway, all these changes have necessitated a lot of housework on the blog to make sure anybody reading the chapters didn't become hopelessly confused. But tomorrow I believe I can finally start on Chapter 5 with a greater chance of success. Keep your fingers crossed.

Feb 16, 2013

Chapter 3 – The Department for British Export Development

Agh! My chapter numbers are going wrong. After I finished chapter 2 I realised I needed to add some information about Timothy Arnold, who is going to have a significant role later in the book. So I have also had to change some of the chapter numbers under 'Good Stuff'.
I hope you like Timothy, I'm quite fond of him, even though he's hardly a role model for anybody. But I've always had sympathy for people who get themselves into a difficult situation through their inherent flaws.
The story so far: 
After the funeral of her brother Ned, a journalist killed in the civil war in Bosnia Herzegovina, Madeleine Atkinson goes to a reception organised by her brother Paul. Here she talks to a number of people who worked with Ned: Bernard a seedy TV journalist, Jeremy Fisk, a colleague of Ned's who was the last person to see him alive and Timothy Arnold, a solicitor attached to the British Embassy in Zagreb with excellent local contacts who arranged for Ned's body to be transported back to London. But is there something more to Timothy than meets the eye?

Please send feedback and comments when you can. I enjoy reading them.

Chapter 3 – The Department for British Export Development is now under 'Good Stuff'.

Feb 9, 2013

Chapter 2 - After the funeral

For those of you new to the blog, the story so far:

Madeleine Atkinson lives and studies in Munich. She comes over to England for the funeral of her brother Ned, a journalist killed in Bosnia Herzegovina. The atmosphere between her and her elder brothers Paul and Colin is very frosty. After the funeral she is about to go back up to London when Jeremy Fisk, the last person to see Ned alive, introduces himself to her…

What is interesting about this chapter is that one minor character, Bernard, originally started off as all bad. Then he complained* about this and pointed out that I was being very unfair to journalists, they can’t all be that awful.
I’m not entirely sure about that, but I had to finally give in to Bernard. He will be allowed to be a good guy. So, say hello to him in this chapter. When he reappears he’s going to have a horrible death. It’s always the fate of the minor good guys in a story I’m afraid. Plus he’s a journalist.

Anyway, here is Chapter 2, I hope you enjoy it. And please send your comments as always. They make a big difference.

*In my head.

Chapter 2 is now under 'Good Stuff'.

Feb 5, 2013

Full Moon on video!


Click on the link above and you can see a short story I wrote a few years ago  for Business Spotlight , brought to life by the combined story-telling skills of Vicki Hollett and Jay Silber. 
I think they've done a great job and something I particularly like is the way that you can point at any part of the text and listen to it on the video. If you want to work on your English listening skills or your pronunciation, then this site is very helpful - and a lot of fun!
Full Moon itself was inspired by The Twilight series - which goes to show that EL James (author of Fifty shades of Gray) was not the only person to be inspired by Stephanie Meyers's tales of wolves and vampires. But - in all modesty - my version is a lot funnier...