Jun 23, 2014

Chapter 26 - Apologies

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich
So, after a long period of silence, here is chapter 26 and I hope that the next chapters won't take so long. I realise now that I've been working on this project for 18 months already - and I foolishly imagined it was going to be ready by September last year. Never mind.
This chapter takes place in Munich in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten which (and they're not paying me for this) I can honestly say does a very good job at afternoon tea. Much better than the Hotel Kempinski in Hamburg, though neither of them compare with Fortnum & Mason in London. But as a nice place to sit and watch expensive people going about their expensive business (without having to spend too much money yourself) I can recommend tea in the lobby of the Vier Jahreszeiten.

The story so far ...
After receiving complaints from Colonal Kaiec, Celia's boss Dr Lenz suspends her from the restoration project in Istria while the department considers whether or not she should be fired. This, combined with the attack on her in Venice, the burglary at her flat and the feeling that maybe her missing brother Ned wants to stay missing, depresses Celia and she starts to regret her attempts to track him down. To her considerable surprise, she is sent a bunch of flowers by Colonal Kaiec with a request to meet him. But what can he possibly have to say to her?

Chapter 26 - Apologies ... can be found under 'Good Stuff' on the right.

Finally - news about Celia!

It has taken a long time, lots of head scratching and rewriting but I'm now able to continue Celia's adventures. I've made changes to every single chapter and written the next complete chapter (26) which will be posted here tomorrow.

On the right hand side under 'Good stuff' you can find the new versions of chapters 21-25 as these were where the bulk of the changes took place. I've deleted all the other chapters (too out-of-date) but left the audio files for the moment. 

The main changes to the structure have been to make the Colonel's involvement with the attack on Celia unintentional and to make Boran Vukovic much creepier. The Colonel needs to be able to make Celia an offer in chapter 26 and with my previous structure this offer wouldn't have been remotely tempting.

You'll be pleased to know I've got lots of new ideas for how the story will develop and I hope you'll be entertained by the next chapters and revisit.