Jul 13, 2014

Chapter 27 - The smuggler

A serious chapter about a serious problem. If anybody wants to read more about the horror of human trafficking I recommend they read 'The Whistleblower' by Kathryn Bolkovac which describes in detail how the traffickers work and - worse still - how western institutions not only turn a blind eye but are also sometimes active participants in this crime.

The story so far ...
The Colonel apologises to Celia for the attack on her in Venice and promises that it was not at all his intention. He explains the background to his smuggling activities in the mid nineties and justifies its necessity. He then tells Celia that he has insisted to her boss, Dr Lenz, that she be reinstated in her job and points out that her brother Ned does not seem to want to be found, even if he is still alive. Would it not make sense for her to come back to the chapel and continue her work on restoring the paintings? What will Celia decide to do?

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