Oct 27, 2013

Chapter 17 - Sunday plans

Cigarettes kill
 I've made some organisational changes to the layout of 'Good stuff'. I've put together blocks of four chapters which makes the website easier to navigate. These blocks incorporate all the changes to chapters that I've made recently but haven't previously uploaded to the blog,  including a change to poor Bernard's sticky end at the end of chapter 16.

Here is chapter 17: it's Sunday and time for Celia and other characters to spend a bit of quality time with their families. But will they enjoy it?

Chapter 17 – Can now be found on the right under 'Good Stuff'.

Oct 13, 2013

Chapter 16 - Finding an ally

A lot of talking for the last few chapters, time to get some action again. And it's not just the tea and cakes in Fortnum & Mason's.

The story so far: Celia gets an appointment to see Jeremy Fisk (see chapter 2 for his first appearance), now the director of communications at Report International, a media conglomerate. She hopes that he might be able to tell her what  Ned was doing in Zagreb shortly before his apparent death. The answer comes as a considerable surprise...

Chapter 16 – can now be found on the right under 'Good stuff'.

Oct 12, 2013

Oct 6, 2013

Chapter 15 - The honest pornographer

Thomas Rowlandson - A kiss in the kitchen
Time to revive a character from chapter 2, Bernard Creasey who is no longer a news camera man. 
For some reason, this chapter seemed quite easy to write and I finished it in one day. I think it's because I like Bernard, though he's a bit disreputable in some ways. But not half as bad as the villains elsewhere in the book.

In the chapter there's a reference to Thomas Rowlandson, an 18th to early 19th century caricaturist. He was an interesting artist who managed to spend all of a fortune that he inherited on gambling and licentious living in only about seven years. He subsequently had to support himself with his art which he did quite successfully and certainly his years of 'fun' provided him with a wealth of material which you can see here. Be warned, the pictures are mildly pornographic but with a dose of humour which makes them not as tawdry as his modern day equivalents. Note for example in the picture on the left how the dog is stealing food from the table while the cat drinks the cream as the couple on the chair do their thing.  

The story so far... After Timothy Arnold's suggestion that her brother Ned was involved in arms smuggling into Croatia in '95, Celia goes to see a former colleague of Ned's, Bernard Creasey, owner of Paradise Erotic Productions Ltd.

Chapter 15 can now be found under 'Good stuff' on the right.