About me

I have worked in Europe and Asia for various organisations and now live in Germany. I write material for magazines, educational publishers, websites and myself. I am married, we have seven children, a cat and two dogs. One of these is a pug, Mr Tilney, who is plotting to take control of the family.

I have written 4 novellas, a number of English language study books and a how-to guide to making presentations.

"Peril in Venice", "Ekaterina", "Room Service" and "Double Trouble".
Study books
1) Double Dealing: This is a 3 level business English course series.
2) Collins ELT English for Business. Speaking. This is a skills focus book for self-study or as classroom supplementary material.
3) Collins ELT Workplace English 1 and 2
4) Compass B1: This is a general English course book from Langenscheidt.
5) Presentation Skills in 7 simple steps

You can see more details about them on my Amazon author page here: