Feb 8, 2015

'Speak Up!' - short story

Nothing to add to Celia's adventures this weekend, I'm afraid. But if you click here, you can read and listen to another short story I wrote recently. I hope you enjoy it!

Feb 1, 2015

Audio recording of Chapter 33 - Blackmail

Tom Hanks
I decided I had to change the name of Chapter 33 from 'Love Rat' to 'Blackmail'. It seems more appropriate. You can download the audio file here.

It's a strange experience doing these recordings. I really like producing them and oddly enough it's the villains, such as Tomi, that are the most fun. I think that if I was an actor I'd probably enjoy doing bad guy parts most, unlike Tom Hanks who has never played a villain. It's a shame, he'd do it so well. 
Funnily enough, when I spoke Tomi's lines, I had Hanks's voice in my head. I wonder why? Perhaps when this project is made into a film I can persuade him to play the part of Tomi. Does anybody out there have his agent's number?