Sep 21, 2013

Chapter 14 - A visit from Timothy Arnold

Covent Garden - piazza
 Originally I intended to use material from the short story  'Colonel Ivan Kaiec' (on the right under 'Good stuff') for this chapter. However, I have the feeling that the action is going too slowly so I decided not to use it but to jump ahead to the point where Timothy gets in touch with Celia again for the first time since Ned's funeral.

Plot developments also meant that I've had to make some slight changes to previous chapters. For example I had to backfit a surname and job details to the journalist, Bernard, who spoke to Celia in chapter 2. We're going to see more of him in chapter 15. And I changed the information that Celia gave to Tomi in chapter 12 'The investigation begins'. She asks Tomi to look for people who knew Ned when he was in Zagreb in 1995, rather than people who've seen him recently.

These sort of adjustments are difficult to keep track of as the amount of material swells and I'm afraid I'm not correcting the chapters on the blog, nor am I re-recording the audio files. That won't happen until the whole book is finished.

The story so far...
The art restoration expert Celia Thomas is working on a chapel belonging to the sinister Colonel Kaiec. Celia reveals to the Colonel that she is looking for people who knew her brother Ned, a journalist who was in Zagreb in 1995. The Colonel also knew Ned, but is not at all pleased to find out that Celia is his sister. When he hears that Celia has asked a local journalist - Tomislav Lederer -  to do some research for her, he arranges for Tomi to be beaten up and then asks some old contacts of his to visit Celia who is at a conference in London...

This chapter can now be found on the right under 'Good Stuff'

Sep 12, 2013

Chapter 13 – Celia makes a mistake

Moorish philosopher, Venice
Finally! The next chapter is ready for you to read. It seems like ages since I was able to do this project properly and it's nice to be back. The audio recording of this chapter and all the others can be found on the right under 'Good stuff', Audio files 1-9 or 10+.

The story so far:
Dr Celia Thomas, an art historian based in Munich, has been asked to restore a 16th century chapel in Istria. It's owner, Colonal Kaiec is hoping that she will uncover a 16th century religious masterpiece which will help his political aspirations in Croatia. Apart from working on the chapel, Celia is also trying to find out if her brother Ned, believed to have been killed in 1995 in Bosnia Herzegovina, is in fact alive. Helping her is Tomislav Lederer, a journalist based in Zagreb...

This chapter can now be found on the right under 'Good Stuff'

Sep 9, 2013

Chapter 13 nearly ready!

Chapter 13 is now being edited and should be up by the end of the week. I'll be sending a mass mailing soon to remind people of the blog after their holidays.
Now with that horrible sunny weather gradually fading, people will need something to do to entertain themselves in the evening. What better way than to follow Celia Thomas as she heads - like the poor frog in the picture - towards ever greater dangers!