Jul 8, 2013

Steampunk Short Story

Here's an introduction to a short story from another field while I work on my presentations book. 'Steam Solutions' will appear in Business Spotlight in mid October 2013, so if you want to read the final version, you'll have to rush out to a reputable newsstand and buy it then!

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction where the writer imagines a world which developed differently to how it actually did. In this case, what would a world be like without the internal combustion engine and the computer, and what would the inhabitants of such a world think about us?

Steam Solutions

‘That,’ said Ernest as he and Millie made their way up the escalators to the roof to catch their skybus. ‘Was amazing!’
‘Told you so,’ said Millie. ‘I knew you’d like it.’ She smiled, her face turned green by the phosphorous in the wall lighting. They reached the roof and strolled arm-in-arm across to the skybus stop. Millie could see the skybus making its way slowly across the moonlit sky towards Leicester Square from Hyde Park Corner. She hoped it wasn’t too full. If they had to stand all the way back to Queens Park it might spoil the atmosphere...