Dec 23, 2013

Chapter 18 - Natalia Kaiec

Chapter 18 took a long time to write, not because it was particularly difficult but because I had too many other distractions. I find if there are too many other things going on, then I can't give the story the necessary concentration. Let's see how many chapters I can get out over the Christmas period.

The story so far: Celia Thomas has been commissioned to do some restoration work on a 16th century chapel in Croatia belonging to the ambitious up-and-coming politician Colonel Kaiec. While in Zagreb Celia comes across evidence that her brother Ned, whom she believed had been killed in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1995 is in fact alive. Her investigations uncover disturbing facts about his apparent death and this causes trouble for a freelance-journalist, Tomi Lederer, who tries to help her. In London she meets various former associates of her brother, one of whom - Timothy Arnold - claims that her brother was part of an arms smuggling ring. Two others, Jeremy Fisk and Bernard Creasey, deny this, but Bernard is shortly afterwards run over by a van. Could Celia be heading for trouble when she returns to Zagreb?

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